3rd party app update logic

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3rd party app update logic

Post by JvdMaat »

What's the logic for the 3rd party app update manager?
I fixed the script so it's working now, and this morning some devices had their Zoom clients updated, but not all online devices, and PuTTY doesn't seem to be updated at all.

I can see that the App Manager script runs and inventories the apps installed. What's the logic that causes an app to be upgraded? When?

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Re: 3rd party app update logic

Post by Cubert »

App management program was written a little differently in relation to automation from most of our other tools.

Most tools run nightly or on a twice a day tread but App manager has a speed setting we implemented to allow the MSP to change the speed of the collections and updates.

Hince the Rabbit and the Turtle.

Rabbit runs Maintenance script at 7am, 10am, 1pm and 4 pm.

Turtle runs maintenance script at 10am and 5pm.

During each run:
We remove from App manager database any agents in app manager no longer in Automate system.
We remove any clients from App manager database where client no longer exists.
We look for any new agents that have joined enabled clients and add them to App Manager database
We then schedule the script to run on all available and enabled agents.

The script handles, Chocolate deployments if needed, scans for installed versions, checks for app version updates and applies updates then goes back and scans the repo against current versions to get repo version into database.

As for putty type issues, the repo provides several, in this case 3 different putty packages available for use. 2 of the 3 are portable versions of putty and do not actually install into windows. Since this does not happen Windows does not record the install and version in its "Apps and Software" so when we request a "resend of Software" from Automate Windows does not report the install of the portable version.

How to fix: Adjust the App Manager Search for Putty changing the repo package command to putty.install
See post http://support.plugins4labtech.com/view ... =62&t=5713

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