Build released today - 3rd Party App Management updates

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Build released today - 3rd Party App Management updates

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We looked over some of our logic and decided that there were some holes in it. We since made some major changes to how we scan agents for package updates and what we are displaying as data.

On the client console the Agent list instead of displaying "Last Update" date which was a date formed from requesting the newest package that was updated for agent. We now capture the actual date of scan no matter if updates were present or not. So now you will see when the last actual test was done and not the last update. In the packages list for an agent, there it will show the actual install date of the update.

We also put in some load balancing so an agent only gets 1 automated scan a day no matter when it ran. Once the scan has successfully run we do not attempt another scan on that agent for the remainder of the day. We now give you tools to launch manual scans across a client or just an agent outside of the automation.

AppManager-lastscans.PNG (41.38 KiB) Viewed 3408 times

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