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Habitat HomeBrew Package Manager for Mac OS X

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On any Mac OS X agent console you will now find a new plugin called Habitat Apple Brew Manager.

Once you enable HomeBrew on you Mac OS X agents you can then manage packages, updates and removal of any packages available to you. We will be able to manage casks and add/remove taps from the agents all from a simple to use console.

Some really cool stuff is coming for this tool..

Here is how to use this tool

To find out more about HomeBrew for Mac OS X visit https://brew.sh/
Homebrew must already be installed for this tool to function on that agent. The tool does not install Homebrew on Mac OS X.

This tool is an agent console plugin tool and will be found under plugins on any Darwin agent console. Habitat auto scans Mac Agents for the Brew Package Agent to be present and if found will poll its version and display it in the Brew Version. It will then scan for installed packages that are linked with brew and bring that data into the Automate environment.

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All Homebrew functions in Habitat are Automate Scripted and will take a few minutes to complete the execution of the script functions. You can monitor the actions and status of this script by selecting to view the agents script logs on the agent console. The reason for this is that Homebrew will not run as root or super user. This prevents most automation that occurs as the root user when Automate agent instructions are sent.

This means that we can not automate the install of HomeBrew currently, we can only operate it after the Homebrew install has completed on agent and we have successfully scanned the brew version.

To install Homebrew on a Mac OS X, Login to agent as user that has Sudo privileges available. Open a terminal window and copy and paste the following into that window.

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/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)"
It will ask you to agree to the install of packages and then ask sudo permission to install. Once completed return to the Automate agent console and select the rescan host button to get started in Automate.

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