How do I update application XYZ?

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How do I update application XYZ?

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So you installed the plugin and started to review the pre-defined list of App Searches and do not see the search for the application you want to update.

First off, you will need to make sure that has the package to update the application with. So head over to and use the search tool to find the package name you going to use to update the application.

For our example we are going to use Adobe Acrobat Reader as our "Application" and when we search we find our package name is going to be adobereader

Global Manager.PNG
Global Manager.PNG (70.28 KiB) Viewed 3791 times
Using the Global manager from the Tools menu in Automate

You can add, modify or delete any search in the search window. Assuming we did not have an Adobe Acrobat pre-listed and we wanted to create a new entry.

The idea here is we either name the software directly "Adobe Acrobat Reader MUI DC" = "adobereader" or we use wildcards(%) to represent matches like "Adobe Acrobat%" = "adobereader".

All these are valid searches but search #2 is more likely to pickup more agents with adobe then search #1
  • "Adobe Acrobat Reader MUI DC" = "adobereader"
  • "Adobe Acrobat Reader%" = "adobereader"

It is better to modify a search so it will pick up all your agents, then it is to have several of the same searches pointing to the same package.

Once you have the search saved select it from the list to see how many agents the search will effect and how many different software titles search covers.

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