LUM Not autoinstalling

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Re: LUM Not autoinstalling

Post by dcancela »

Just added another linux server into labtech and LUM doesnt even have it in the database, even if i check or uncheck the "Do not autoinstall" checkbox.

Any other suggestions on why the plugin may not be working? Could it be the latest version of CWA that im on?

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Re: LUM Not autoinstalling

Post by Cubert »

Not sure what you mean with does not show up? restart your DBagent on labtech host and relaunch the console afterwards. See if that changes anything for you?

Afterwards toggle the setting on and off several times to see if you can then see it with the query from above.

The plugin is simple. If the agent is listed as linux in Automate then the plugin sees it and will attempt to do Apt-get or Yum based on type of linux.

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