Patch Remedy will not open in 20.7 automate

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Patch Remedy will not open in 20.7 automate

Post by ccalverley »

Every time we try to open Patch Remedy on automate 20.7 it crashes automate

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Re: Patch Remedy will not open in 20.7 automate

Post by Cubert »

Was this an upgrade from previous versions of CWA or did you move you instance recently to newer CWA?

The reason I ask is I'm looking to see if libraries could be missing (DevExpress 12.7) or has something changed in your instance like some excessive data or other error that needs the DB cleared and PR reset.

My first thoughts if its an existing CWA install that the data in PR is corrupted somehow and causing some loading timeouts or something to that effect.

I would find all plugin_p4l_patchremedy_xxx tables in SQLYog and truncate all tables. This will clear all data from PR and start it back at the beginning. See if that now allows the plugin to open as normal. If it still fails then we surely have library issue or maybe a corrupted PR dll. Re download PR from our site and remove plugin, close consoles and re-login to CWA then re-add the plugin as new and restart the DBagent. Retest and report back your status here.

See if either of these options resolve the issue.

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