External Test available on Magma by default

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External Test available on Magma by default

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Monitoring network services from the Magma Server perspective

Adding a network test for a host is as simple as putting the right keyword into the External Test box under Agents on the Client Magma Tab.
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To test websites type in the URL of the site like: http://www.google.com
You can test multiple sites by typing in all URLS you want tested separated by a space. You can also test SSL certs for validity just by adding https:// to the URL like https://www.google.com. This will test the website for connectivity and the ability to return data and test the SSL reporting back quality of SSL and valid to date.

Test with and without SSL
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Other network test that can be performed. Just typing in the test you want is all you need do:

Example External test entry:

Code: Select all

 https://www.google.com dns ssh http smtp ftps
In this code example we are testing http://www.google.com and the ssl for google.com, we are testing that DNS,SSH,HTTP,SMTP and FTPS access works for the name of the system you specify. External test will attempt to resolve the hostname provided so using FQDN as agent names for any agent you are doing External tests on should be used. This works on both Agent and Agentless monitors.

The default set of network tests configured is as follows:

conn Simple ping test. Enabled by default, you can disable it by putting "noconn" into hosts.cfg.
http Web-server test. Enter the URL to request from the webserver.
dns DNS server response on UDP /TCP 53
ftp FTP server test.
ssh SSH (Secure Shell) server test. Supports ssh1 and ssh2.
telnet Telnet server test.
smtp SMTP (Mail server) test.
pop3 POP-3 test.
imap IMAP test. IMAP version 2 and 4 are supported, for version 3 use "imap3".
nntp NNTP (News) server test.
ldap LDAP (Directory server) test. Enter the full LDAP URI if Xymon is configured with LDAP support.
rsync rsync server test
bbd Magma network daemon test (historically named after the Big Brother daemon, bbd).
clamd CLAM anti-virus daemon test.
spamd SpamAssassin anti-spam daemon test.
oratns Oracle TNS listener test. Will attempt to do an oratns "ping".
qmtp QMTP server test. For qmail's qmtpd service.
qmqp QMQP server test. For qmail's qmqpd service.

The following SSL-enabled services can also be checked:

https Web-server test. Enter the URL to request from the webserver.
ftps Secure FTP server test.
telnets Secure Telnet server test.
smtps Secure SMTP server test.
pop3s Secure POP-3 server test.
imaps Secure IMAP server test.
nntps Secure NNTP (News) server test.
ldaps Secure LDAP (Directory) server test. Enter the full LDAP URI. LDAP server that use the older non-standard method of tunnelling LDAP through SSL on port 636 will not work.

ntp NTP (Network Time protocol) server test, using the "ntpdate" command.
rpc RPC service test. This queries the portmapper service on the server, using the "rpcinfo" command.

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