Changing the run times?

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Changing the run times?

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Is there any way to change the automatic run times of the plugin? We've encountered an issue where, for the past three days since installing and configuring it, our LabTech Database Agent has failed during the nightly maintenance, as that runs concurrent to the plugin's scanning.

I've reviewed all of our error logs and what stands out is that the DBAgent fails to restart AFTER the plugin kicks off it's update to the first client.

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Re: Changing the run times?

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Not currently. We fire off at 12 am as part of the normal ISync services launched by LabTech. Are you actually scripting a DBagent restart as we are unaware of a standard restart process running at that time.

We can look into adding in a scan time adjustment function so you can set scan times but its not an available option currently.


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