Applications are not automatically deployed

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Applications are not automatically deployed

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When a new computer comes online, the chocolatey application gets installed but after that nothing happens. After several days the approved applications are not installed. We had one or two computers get the applications randomly.

Does anyone have this working exactly as it should on their CW Automate hosted system?

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Re: Applications are not automatically deployed

Post by Cubert »

Which Chocolatey plugin version 2 or 3?
For Version 3,
Next is to have a peek at the logs on Automate server at C:\Program Files\LabTech\Logs\Plugin_ChocolateyForAutomate.txt

The logs will show when the attempts are made and to what agents. If your seeing your agent IDs in log then we need to move to the agent console to see if during that time frame the Chocolatey script was scheduled and executed. If so what was to outcome of that script log?

We should see the commands to chocolatey run on agent and the agent return success or failures.

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