When Scans Show No Volumes or last backups dates

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When Scans Show No Volumes or last backups dates

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We had a user here just resently find that several of his Windows 2008 R2 systems that we was backing up for years just fine and is still backing up currently fine was not reporting in the Backup Windows tool when scans ran.

After some investigations we found that Labtech is timing out on the scanners command request as the command to list all volumes takes to long. We found that the local system had 400+ volumes that when doing a vssadmin list shadows for=F: it was taking 10 minutes to complete. This is way to long and is causing data to be skipped. To get the scanner able to get data in a reasonable about of time you should be able to do a
WBADMIN Get Versions
at the commandline of the host and have it complete in under a minute. Once you can do that the scanner should work just fine and data will return to Labtech.

How to resolve this.. A much bigger problem then one would think.

If you start playing with the "WBADMIN DELETE SYSTEMSTATEBACKUPS" you can only delete full backups and no shadows.

There are basically two types of backups that WSB creates, system state backups and non-system state backups. You can use different command parameters to get rid of them. To use Wbadmin command, you need to open an elevated command prompt. You can right click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin).

Delete system state backup

A system state backup is kept in an independent directory. Wbadmin provides 3 ways to specify the backups by using different parameters, [-version] to delete specific version(s), [-keepVersions] to delete all backups but the specified ones, or [-deleteOldest] to delete the oldest backup. For example: to delete the system backup that was taken on May the fourth evening at18:25, just run the following command in a command prompt:

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Wbadmin delete systemstatebackup -version: 05/04/2015-18:25 -backupTarget: G:
Delete non-system state backup
If your server is running Windows Server 2012/2012R2 or Windows Server 2016, you can run delete backup command to remove backups as you wish. You can specify the backups you want to delete by using one, and only one, of the following parameters: -keepVersions, -version, or -deleteOldest. For example, to delete all backups except one backup version 11/10/2015-06:48, run the Wbadmin keepversions command below:

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Wbadmin delete backup -keepVersion:11/10/2015-06:48 -BackupTarget:F:machine:WIN-9814GD4FH95
The parameter “-machine:” is only needed when you have backed up many computers to the same location.
In Windows Server 2008R2 or previous versions of Windows Server, WBS will not allow you to directly delete non-system state backups. As a workaround, you can delete the corresponding shadow copy on the backup target location.
delete-shadow.gif (13.28 KiB) Viewed 4407 times
To delete shadow copy:
1. Type: “DiskShadow.exe” in an elevated command prompt and press Enter.
2. Type the command: "delete shadows oldest G:” The parameter “G” has to be replaced with your backup drive letter or volume GUID.
Enter to Delete Shadow

Enjoy :ugeek:

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