Cannot Clear False Alert

This forum supports the ESX Host Health Monitor plugin. When posting post screenshots of issues and any script and command logs listed in the probe consoles.
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Cannot Clear False Alert

Post by hholmes »

We have a customer with a brand new HP Proliant host that turned up a power supply failure alert. After checking out the server ourselves, physically verifying the power supply is connected and indicator lights are green and uploading System Health logs to HP, they can find nothing wrong with the server. Insight Diagnostics are green across the board. Yet we cannot get the Health Monitor to acknowledge the server is operating normally. (See attached pics)

Not sure how to get this cleared up.

ESX Monitor Err 1.PNG
ESX Monitor Err 1.PNG (13.11 KiB) Viewed 3629 times
ESX Monitor Err 2.PNG
ESX Monitor Err 2.PNG (64.96 KiB) Viewed 3629 times

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Re: Cannot Clear False Alert

Post by Cubert »

Open SQL and execute

Code: Select all

DELETE FROM plugin_p4l_vmware_healthmon_cimdata WHERE ProbeID = '2' and ESXHost = ''
Change ProbeID to the agentID of the agent thats monitoring the ESX and the IP or hostname of the ESX host.

This will remove all records from the CIM database.

Next is the main status

Code: Select all

SELECT * FROM plugin_p4l_vmware_healthmon_hosts;
This will show all agents and hosts and last statuses.

You not getting an update here means that something is a miss. I bet your failing to probe. Can you mouse over the red triangle and see what text pops up.. Post that here.

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