Can't update to

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Can't update to

Post by reboot3times »

I tried updating the plugin to .58 from .48 but it seems stuck on .48 when I check from the Health Monitor. I should be able to make this jump between versions, right?

My update process was: download, unzip, unblock dll. From Plugin Manager, update plugin, then reload DBagent.

The plugin manager states that it is on version but that's not what the health monitor states. I am trying to get the functionality described in the .56 release notes, as follows:

Added new feature, Select 1 or more cim data items from cim view to enable or disable alarms for that data.
This allows you to ignore some cim data that maybe causing false alarms. (dual CPU's when only 1 CPU exists or missing power supply)

Any ideas?
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Re: Can't update to

Post by Cubert »

Please have a peek at viewtopic.php?f=55&t=5523

You have a stuck DLL file on the tech computer that needs to be updated but permissions will not allow it.

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