Health Monitor Stale Checkin Alarm

This forum supports the ESX Host Health Monitor plugin. When posting post screenshots of issues and any script and command logs listed in the probe consoles.
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Health Monitor Stale Checkin Alarm

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We are having an issue with the monitor failing on multiple servers and multiple clients. Below is the error message. I wanted to see if anyone here had run into a similar issue.

Here is the message:

"VMware ESXi Health Monitor Stale Checkin Alarm
0XZY-CIM - P4L ESX Health Monitor Stale Checkins FAILED on CLIENT\SERVER at Location for SERVER result 7/2/2018 10:04:43 AM"

Thanks everyone!

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Re: Health Monitor Stale Checkin Alarm

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A Stale checkin alarm is a internal monitor doing a sql query against the VMWare tables in the labtech database. It is looking for any probe that has not had an entry in over 24 hours. If alarm goes off then you should be looking at the probe to see why no data has been saved. The probe is run by scripting and keeps logs in the scripts (tab / tile) of the agent. Look at the logs to see if

#1 is probe running multiple times a day?
#2 Is probe returning SQL queries?
#3 is probe producing a Python error?

Once you determine what the probe is doing then it will be clear what to fix to get probe working.

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