Build Released

This forum supports the ESX Host Health Monitor plugin. When posting post screenshots of issues and any script and command logs listed in the probe consoles.
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Build Released

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Whats New in
Updated Monitor SQL query to include vender and to be dynamic on the vender type during CIM query.
(you should deactivate monitor in plugin and reactivate to get new monitor)
Added Refresh Views on all data display areas to allow quick refresh of data without closing windows and reopening them.
Updated the parser for the CIMViewer server display area removing extra alarming data from title
Updated the CIM Types table changing Predictive failures to a warning state to match main alarm state.
(you should drop the plugins_p4l_vmware_healthmon_types table, restart the DBagent on LT server to recreate table to get new table values)

Download here ... 4c4d1d08de

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