Trend Micro may cause issues with Probes

This forum supports the ESX Host Health Monitor plugin. When posting post screenshots of issues and any script and command logs listed in the probe consoles.
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Trend Micro may cause issues with Probes

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We have had a customer who has had Trend Micro installed across all clients and the Web filtering services caused to be blocked for downloading the required supporting zip file. This then caused the install on the probe to not complete correctly so that when probe is run it fails our with Python errors. To verify this is the issue see zip file and try to open it at c:\windows\ltsvc\ESXHostMonitor\, it should fail to open saying it is corrupted. Once the block is removed the zip should download correctly and you can open it without issues.

The errors are due to the fact that the zip did not extract and get placed inside they python directory during Probe setup.

To fix, Set an worldwide exclude in Trend Micro for, Go to probe systems and delete the C:\python25 directory and all sub directories. Wait for next scan where Probe will see Python missing and will force a reinstall automatically fixing your problem.

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