Unable to probe ESX host

This forum supports the ESX Host Health Monitor plugin. When posting post screenshots of issues and any script and command logs listed in the probe consoles.
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Unable to probe ESX host

Post by epicit »

Hi guys,

We are adding a server as a esx host within automate and receive an error 'no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. I've attached screenshots of the error as well? Looks like python can't check the request.

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Re: Unable to probe ESX host

Post by Cubert »

Please have a look at the following post and make sure this is not a factor.

viewtopic.php?f=31&t=5228&sid=389ab88e6 ... 003a6050a2

Next the error for Actively refused connection is that CIM services are not running on the port being queried so the port on the ESX host is "actively refusing" connections on that port. This means CIM service has died (see this alot) try rebooting ESX host or CIM is disabled in which the above post should help you get it enabled and functional for querying.

So try those 2 pills first and see if either lead to a resolution.

If it was a password or some error parsing the CIM DATA you would not get this refused error. This only comes from port denial. So could be a firewall on ESX host aswell, again the above post should help get you sorted.

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