Troubleshooting CCleaner Deployment

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Troubleshooting CCleaner Deployment

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Good evening,

We've been very happy with the CCleaner plugin and have been purchasing our licenses through Connectwise. We have a couple of questions based on our use so far.

1. We have a number of devices failing the installation, but all I can see is the failed command history for the device. What is the best way to troubleshoot these installation errors?

2. It would be nice if the Online/Offline, Path, and License columns in the License Manager were sortable. Without being able to sort on those columns, it can be hard to group select devices that need licensing, a CCleaner install, or both. Although the Analyzed and Cleaned columns are sortable, it looks like they treat the measurements as strings instead of integers so they don't sort right.

3. Can you confirm how the multi-select in license manager works? Because the log entries are fixed to the very top of the screen, it's very difficult to tell if it works for installing.


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